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What is Smart cloud Energy Storage

SCES is a cutting-edge solution for energy storage.

It leverages lead acid batteries known for their affordability and safety.

SCES obtains used lead acid batteries from consumers and extends their life cycle by up to 9 years before recycling

By utilizing these batteries, SCES significantly reduces costs and creates a sustainable energy storage system.

SCES offers a cost-effective alternative to lithium-based solutions, with an operating cost of only 12,500 euros over 50 years for a 1 MWh capacity system.

The distributed nature of SCES and the use of smart composite batteries ensure high reliability and efficiency.

SCES eliminates the need for double conversion processes, resulting in a minimum 15% increase in efficiency.

Through cloud data monitoring and management, SCES optimizes battery performance, enables real-time maintenance, and enhances overall grid stability.

Unique Selling  Point

Co-destructively treats waste glass cullet and glass fiber

Equalizes particle sizes

Produces marketable products with diverse applications

Contributes to the circular economy

Minimizes landfilling of glass waste

Provides cost-effective alternatives for various industries

Key Features

Utilization of Used Batteries

SCES extends the life cycle of used lead-acid batteries, reducing costs and promoting sustainability.

Smart Composite Batteries

SCES utilizes smart composite batteries, enhancing reliability, flexibility, and real-time monitoring capabilities

Distributed Energy Storage

SCES employs distributed energy storage, reducing losses and improving grid stability.

Cloud Data Monitoring

SCES utilizes cloud-based data monitoring and management to optimize battery performance and enable remote maintenance.

SCES revolutionizes the energy storage industry

It provides renewable energy producers with a cost-effective, reliable, and accessible energy storage solution.

SCES repurposes used lead acid batteries

It employs smart composite battery technology

SCES offers a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional energy storage systems.

SCES stands out in the market by offering a cost-effective, sustainable, and reliable energy storage solution

It repurposes used lead acid batteries and employs smart composite battery technology.

SCES tackles the problem of high costs associated with existing energy storage solutions

It provides a more economically viable option for renewable energy producers.



SCES offers an affordable energy storage solution by repurposing used lead-acid batteries, reducing the overall cost compared to lithium-based alternatives.


By extending the life cycle of batteries and utilizing a product fee for recycling, SCES promotes a circular economy and reduces environmental impact.

High Reliability

The utilization of smart composite batteries in parallel provides improved reliability and flexibility, allowing for real-time monitoring and individual cell management.

Efficient Operation

SCES eliminates the need for double conversion processes, increasing efficiency by at least 15% and minimizing losses associated with high currents.

Scalable and Distributed

SCES can be deployed in multiple high-voltage, low-current batteries, allowing for scalability and reducing losses proportional to high currents.

Our Markets

SCES is targeted toward renewable energy producers, utility companies, and industries.

It provides affordable and sustainable energy storage solutions.